What happens during a session

I usually start with a short discussion. I am always curious to know why clients choose this type of treatment; are they familiar with energy healing; in what state is their general physical, emotional, spiritual health. Then I explain what I normally do during treatments, ensuring they are comfortable with the process before we start.

What clients may feel during treatments

The typical client may feel a bit nervous at first, if they don’t know what energy healing is. Once they realize it happens without any input or interaction, no dialogue, they don’t need to discuss personal issues, they relax and may go to sleep or slip in a meditative state. It is not hypnosis, you will not be in any type of trance. You will be totally aware of your surroundings at all times. You may keep your eyes open or closed.

The ones who are more sensitive to energy may feel energy flowing through them. There may be short jabs of pain. This usually means some negative energy is being released and is needed to restore harmony to your energetic being. Sometimes, a release of negative energy may cause an outburst of emotion in the form of tears, crying, joy, laughing. There is no need to be embarrassed, because to me, this is a very good sign indicating that some negative energy blockages may be released, positive energy will start flowing freely again and real healing will occur.

People who tend to see visions may see some during treatments. In essence, a connection is made to the higher realms of consciousness and there may be some interactions with that realm, especially if the client already has a tendency to do so.

What I do during treatments

I start by assisting the client in getting comfortable on the treatment table. I have pillows and blankets of different thicknesses to ensure comfort.

Once the client is comfortable lying on his/her back, I prepare myself for the treatment by taking a few deep breaths and entering in a semi-meditative state.This raises my vibration rate to one which facilitates the conduction of energy. I then open the channel and use breathing techniques to start the flow of energy.

I pass my hand(s) a few inches over the body starting from the head down towards the feet. This step allows me to occasionally get intuitive messages on areas of the body or energy field that need specific attention. The rest of the treatment consists of making any energetic adjustments needed and usually boosting the overall energy of the client. Typically, the only physical touch happens at the head, shoulders, feet, hips, knees, arms/hands (if needed). It is also possible to do the whole treatment without any physical touch whatsoever if preferred.

At the end, the client leaves feeling very relaxed, hopefully with a very positive attitude and ideally little or no pain, or at least less than before the treatment.

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