How Energy Healing ‘Found Me’. – Part Two

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Fast forward to the mid 2000’s. Even though I had pretty much ignored my natural healing abilities, I was still asking myself a lot of questions regarding life, spirituality, our purpose here, etc. How are we connected to a higher power? …to each other? Are we connected to nature?

By that time, Dany (my current wife) had been contemplating the same types of things I was. One book that both hit us like a ton of bricks was: ‘Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul‘. She started reading it first and was so moved by it that she suggested I read it at the same time. I started reading it too. So there was this book, with two bookmarks hanging out of it… It’s the kind of book that some sentences, paragraphs, even pages had to be reread just to wrap my head around the information in there. Some of those ideas were so foreign to me but seemed to make so much sense at the time of reading. It almost felt like I was being reminded of these things instead of being taught them. I remember thinking: “…well, yeah… Why didn’t I already believe this?…”

One day, Dany asked me if I wanted to join her for a psychic reading. I had never experienced that before so I was quite curious about it. When it was my turn for the reading one of the first things she (the reader) said was: “You’re a healer!!”

“No, I’m a computer programmer.”  Thinking she meant that I was working in a health profession.

“No No, your aura has a lot of green around your head. Green is the colour associated with healing… and I’m told you’re a healer…”

I probably had one of my best blank stares going on. She started explaining what energy healing was, mentioning different modalities like Reiki and Chios. I could smell some burning dust… it was the light bulb that just came on in my head. I HAD DONE THIS BEFORE!! I’M NOT CRAZY!!! (I have returned to questioning this now, but not for the same reasons…)

Two months later I was in Ottawa for business and made an appointment with a local psychic reader there. Not that I doubted the first one, but with something this big happening to me I just needed more info. After a few minutes, he did say that just before I arrived for the reading that he felt a “popping” sensation in the palm of his hands. Being a Reiki practitioner himself, the palm of his hands were very sensitive to energy. The hands are a healer’s main instrument in manipulating energy, especially the palms. I appreciated the second opinion.

Dany had also bought a book called Quantum-Touch: The Power To Heal. I hadn’t really noticed this other than she was playing the CD that came with the book in the car all the time. The CD was of the author sharing his experiences using the techniques to help people heal. That was the first book on healing that I read. What I learned most from this book was to keep working with visualizations. I also learned the importance of breath work in energy healing, something that I have become somewhat known for doing. I get quite a few comments on that aspect of my technique which I admit can be kinda weird the first time you see me work. But I’m getting ahead of myself here… At the time, I still wasn’t quite sure if or how I’d be doing this stuff…

And shortly after that, maybe a month or so later I performed my first public healing, unexpected, witnessed by about six or seven people (at least 2 or 3 of you are potentially reading this now.)

I was almost terrified in the moments leading up to it, thanks to my lingering insecurities. But it turned out perfectly.


Full details of that story in an upcoming post…


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