How Energy Healing ‘Found Me’ – My first unplanned, public, terrifying healing treatment.- Part Four

…continued from here: How Energy Healing ‘Found Me’ – Leading up to my first unplanned, public, terrifying healing treatment.

Everything was going well after having my first “public disclosure”. At least for me, it was; the young lady next to me apparently wasn’t feeling very well.

Everyone had noticed except me. She was sitting right next to me so that’s the person I notice the least, out of respect. I don’t usually just turn and observe the person right next to me. Besides I kinda have this weird, unexplainable, self-diagnosed phobia of appearing creepy. (That might become a future topic ’cause it’s always on my mind)

Someone asked her if she was OK. She was pale and obviously uncomfortable. She replied that she had a bad headache and was probably also linked with her monthly cycle. ***

Then I start to feel the spotlight on me. I don’t quite remember who initiated this but someone said something like “Jean can probably help you with that”… the more I think of it, the more I believe that the workshop facilitator, the same woman who ‘discovered’ my gift, started this whole thing because in my memories of the event, I can feel the almost sickening (at the time) confidence that she had in my healing abilities embedded in her voice. I could feel the solid support of Dany who was sitting to my right, which was a huge help.

Now all eyes were on me. I look at the young lady and she gives me an inquisitive look implying: “could you”? Faaaaaack… no honourable way out of this one. I was facing the biggest battle yet with my insecurities. ‘Flight’ wasn’t an option. All that’s left was ‘fight’.

All I had done up to that point was removing ‘bad’ energy (ex wife’s migraines). I wasn’t aware of other possibilities except that in the Quantum Touch book I had read mentioned not only the removal, but also the introduction of positive energy. I had also remembered their teaching of breathing used as a pump for the energy. So I had decided that I was going to combine these techniques and at the very least try to make some kind of difference in this person’s immediate well-being. Thank god it was a headache. At least it was familiar territory.

I asked her if she wanted me to try to help. She said yes.

It was like I had gone back 15 or so years ago at my first karate fighting match. I had just bowed and entered the ring. With the absence of any facial expression, emotionless (yeah right… on the outside maybe), I walked up to the line looking my opponent in the eyes, ready to fight. The insecure part of me was waiting at the other line. The referee looks at both of us and yells: “Sanbon Shobu… Hajime“! (Japanese for: Three Point match – Begin!)

I got up and positioned myself behind her chair. I asked her the specific location of her pain. I put my left hand on her left temple. With my right hand, I joined my thumb, index and ring finger together to simulate them forming some sort of hose for the energy to shoot out from. I placed these fingers on her head where she said the pain was most intense. I started breathing very deeply and fairly quickly, visualizing the energy being pumped by the breath, enter my body from all over and out my 3 fingers, through her head and out the other side, entering the palm of my left hand taking the pain with it. Like it was flushing it out. I asked her if that pain had moved. She said it did so I repositioned my hands and kept going. That was my first point in that match. The pain had moved which meant that something, that she herself noticed, was actually happening. I kept going for maybe about ten minutes or so, then asked her again how it was going. She took a few seconds to answer. A few seconds that felt like hours. She said her headache was gone and she felt much better.

Shiro Ippon! Shiro no katchi!!!” (White scores full point! White wins!) …and for the smartasses who think: “…how can you win a three point match with only one point? hurrr-durrr!!!” I scored the only point and was ahead by one point when the time ran out okay?…
Oh my god. The rest of the day is still a blur. I don’t even know what was said during the rest of the workshop. I was just replaying what had just happened in my head, checking every few seconds whether it was real or not. I had hidden this from myself for over ten years for fear of embarrassing myself so this… was a big deal. Others were saying how the young lady’s colours had returned and even looked better. So the workshop kept going, they were content with what had just happened and had processed and accepted it and it was business as usual. I just sat there, stunned.
I was told by the intuitively gifted workshop facilitators that I would be doing my own method of energy healing. I remember liking that idea, but still could not imagine just doing it without knowing how to go about it. Looking back, I could have just said: “I’m going to do exactly what I just did today.” Because that’s pretty much still what I do now except that everything around that technique has developed into something fairly complex now. I often forget the complexity and extensiveness of my treatments until someone asks me to explain what I do in detail. …I can go on and on and on… I do it instinctively because I created it. It makes total sense to me.
But at that time I had to see and learn what others were doing. And I did. I took my first Reiki class a few months later followed by my first Chios class a few months after that.
I also went to the Moncton Wellness Expo for the first time at Moncton High School. I remember thinking that there was no way I could have a booth and do treatments at an event like that. At the same time I also remember knowing that I would have a booth and do treatments at the very next expo a year later. See the trend there?

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