How Energy Healing ‘Found Me’ – Leading up to my first unplanned, public, terrifying healing treatment.- Part Three

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I used to be a very sceptical person. It was part of being insecure. Having strong pro-status quo, pro-science opinions made me seem intelligent. In a way it was also a defence mechanism. Instinctually, subconsciously, men need to be either liked or feared or even better: both. We can thank our caveman ancestors for that. I think that’s why a lot of men’s opinions tend to be the safe, double-blind studied, peer-reviewed, published-in-scientific-journals backed-by-tons-of-evidence opinions. It’s safe. My image is safe. It increases my odds of survival, my subconscious says. I’m serious! My survival instincts are very acute. I don’t know how good or effective they are but I constantly think about that stuff. …in a non-psychotic way, of course. Besides, they have served me well so far. Yeah I live in Atlantic Canada with an comfortable office job but still… I’m alive and doing well.

But no, I had to figure out what was happening to me with this healing stuff and what it all meant. It was like being on a self-confidence roller coaster. “Yeah! You can do it! You’ve done it before beautifully! …Jean, why are you even going there? You’re doing just fine as it is. This isn’t for you. Are you actually going to tell people you can heal them?”

Given our now very keen curiosity about everything spiritual and supernatural, Dany and I attended a one-day workshop on communicating with angels facilitated by two beautifully gifted local psychic readers/mediums. As usual, it starts by everybody introducing themselves and sharing the reasons why you are interested in the topic and what you expect from the course, etc. My ‘comfort zone door’ opens and I take my first step outside of it. “…I’m curious about this stuff because I have known a few people who get ‘spiritual messages’ and I also recently discovered… that… I may have natural healing abilities…” Besides, one of the facilitators was psychic reader #1 who ‘discovered’ me and was (and still is) very supportive that I couldn’t possibly flake out on her at that point like I wanted to. It was well received.

There. That was done. I said it and I was ok. Probably because I was the only male in the room so my ‘be feared or liked’ strategy didn’t apply. …well the ‘liked’ part kinda still did but anyway… It was a safe room to say the least.

Phew… my emotional ‘heavy lifting’ was done for the day. Keep in mind I’m a man of few words, especially when it’s about myself so it was a big job for me to say that. (Maybe that’s also why you wait a few weeks for blog entries…) But it’s good for me so I make an effort. Little did I know that my previous emotional ‘heavy lifting’ was just a quick warm up for what was waiting for me just around the corner.

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