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Being Hard to Offend

Although I have another auto-biographical post in the works, I decided to work on more general type posts. I seem to be having a hard time with these.

Maybe it’s because I feel they are more personal than the ones detailing my life story. My story is just a series of events, to which I have attached some personal information in the way of feelings and thoughts I was having at the time, but still mostly objective. It’s easier to write than stuff I’m feeling currently. That might be because I’m constantly assessing or analysing what I’m feeling or thinking or what my current philosophies are. Often, I can’t really explain clearly what I’m feeling or thinking. But, screw it. I’ll do it anyway.


Being offended

I’d like to share my views on being offended (or not…) by things other people say or do to you.
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Riverview Holistic Fair – SEPT. 24-25, 2016

Looking forward to this fall’s Riverview Holistic Fair happening this weekend! I’ll be giving short 20 minute intuitive energy healing treatments for those who need help to relax and de-stress from a long work week, relieve pain, or just try it out of curiosity.

J’ai très hâte de participer au Riverview Holistic Fair qui aura lieu cette fin de semaine! J’offrirai des courts traîtements de guérison énergétique pour tous ceux qui cherchent de l’aide pour mieux gérer la douleur, à décompresser et se détendre après une longue semaine de travail, ou l’essayer juste par curiosité.