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The Recent Federal Elections

Before I start, there is a reason for the long pause since my last post. It’s a personal one. I had a lot of things going on that I needed to figure out (good things). I need a lot of time to figure things out. Not because I’m stupid, but because I’m thorough and cautious. Yeah, that’s it… But stay tuned. I will do better. I think I have figured out the things that needed figuring out and I have another biographical post coming soon too. And probably more rants…


Ok now, let’s stay focused here…

I hate politics. But for me it’s a necessary evil (for now, at least). A friend of mine is very active in it so by respect I always try to choose my words carefully when opining. I feel our political system doesn’t really serve us well. Lots of things don’t make much sense to me. There is more corruption than most of us realize. But that’s all we have for now so we kinda have to try to work with it.
And I don’t buy the whole “…well, it’s like that because it’s been like that forever…” or “…well, if you think you could be better you go into politics and change things…” That’s not good enough for me. Every one has their job to do here. The people who go into politics want to. I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion on something that has that much impact on my own life. I even understand the people who don’t want to vote anymore. I understand it but don’t really support not voting anymore because as we’ve seen it can cause an ‘unwanted’ party to win. …which I blame on our political system again. …and no, I don’t know how to fix it myself.
I even disagree with the idea that “…you shouldn’t complain if you can’t suggest a solution…”. Sure, it would be preferable if you have a solution, but again, if something that has an impact on my well-being in any way, I have a right to complain even if I can’t suggest a solution. Some people are already paid to figure these things out. Why can’t we give them that job?! Saying someone shouldn’t complain about something only takes power away from people who are obviously suffering from whatever is imposed on them. Instead, why don’t we implement changes to things that aren’t popular in a way that reduces the complaints? Let’s work on changing our political system. Why can’t I vote for whom I want to be the prime minister? We really don’t; we’re supposed to vote for the local MP we feel would represent us better locally and the leader of the political party that has the most MPs elected becomes prime minister of the country. Why does that dictate who ‘runs’ the country? Why can’t I vote for each party’s leader like in the US, or at least have some kind of say in who gets the job? It’s hard to vote when you cringe at all the options you have for your future PM (see 2008 canadian elections).
So we finally learned that if we don’t vote, things can get even worse; this past election had record voter turnout. People were encouraging the young people in their families/lives to vote, probably even being asked for advice, meaning they had to learn a bit in the process. The results came in, a lot of people were happy, flooding Facebook with posts… Some were even celebrating like they do when their sports team (or newfound sports team) gets a big win, posting jabs at the losing party leader. It’s good to see some interest in the choosing of our leaders, but it seemed to be somewhat ‘bandwagon-y’ for my taste. The sudden outburst had a superficial tone. I don’t feel the depth of knowledge was quite there. Maybe it was. I don’t pretend that I know it all by any means, but what I read and heard had a background noise of wagon. A bandwagon. I don’t know if that even made sense but it’s ok. It’s out there now.
For some people it’ll all be over until next election. They will rely on their Facebook wall for political advice. Some will be smarter and watch a few weeks of TV news for their information. Others, the reeeaaallly smart and socially responsible ones will do something different. They will take an extra few minutes out of their busy day and PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. It’s not that hard. You just need to care. WE NEED TO CARE.
WE NEED TO NOT VOTE FOR A ‘COLOUR’. I hate the party ‘colour’ trend. It dumbs everything down. It makes people not want or need to think. Just remember one of three colours and you’ll be fine. I hate that idea. We should never want to think less about it. It’s not a meaningless sports team, it’s your future for at least 4 years!
WE NEED TO NOT VOTE LIKE OUR PARENTS. Our parents have different views, different worries, different priorities in life. We need to figure out what we want and vote for it. Voting ‘red’ because my dad and grand-dad are ‘red’, or my town is ‘blue’, is ridiculous. Voting because someone says he: “will keep us safe from the nazis/commies/terrorists/aliens” isn’t good enough. Research it yourselves. …preferrably not on TV news. (Propaganda has been legalized in the US in 2013. Google it.)
From where I am, for the most part, our new government offers some hope. But we must ensure our government performs like we expect it to. We can’t just rely on that ‘election hope’ and let it ride for the next 3 years.
WE NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO HOW OUR NEW GOVERNMENT PERFORMS NOW, NEXT MONTH, IN SIX MONTHS FROM NOW, IN 2-3 YEARS FROM NOW. If they don’t do what we like, we need to contact our local MP and share how we feel. We need to tell them what we want. Email or call their office. Otherwise they’ll just do whatever they think or assume we want.
The people who were cheering the liberal’s victory: Check regularly to see if you still feel you still have something to cheer about. Don’t just post a bunch of stuff on Facebook and not follow up on it. Stand behind your words. Don’t check biased sources that you know will support your initial ideas. Read all sides, then revisit your own feelings.
It’s not about proving you were right about your prediction; that means nothing. It’s about collectively figuring out what’s really going on in this world. I don’t think we really know yet…