Why would I need Energy Healing?

We all have life force energy flowing through us, inside and around our body. The flow can sometimes be disrupted by negative thought patterns, physical or emotional traumas, or even by other people’s energy. If these disruptions persist, they can lead to mood disorders, emotional problems and feeling energetically drained. If left long enough they can also cause physical pain or discomfort, even disease.

How does it work?

Energy healing is a totally natural energy treatment requiring very little physical touch. There are no medications or products involved. The client lies comfortably, fully clothed on a treatment table. I start with a passing of the hand a few inches above the body to see if I can sense anomalies in the energy flow or get intuitive messages about possible problem areas. I then proceed to correct any defects found using techniques I have developed myself and some that I have learned from several different healing modalities such as Reiki, Chios, Quantum Touch and more.

I connect to this universal energy by raising my consciousness and entering in a meditative state. I can still answer questions and The energy flows through me as I become a conduit for this life energy and I direct it in and around the body. The energy goes where it needs to go. Using visualization and intention I can also focus on a specific body part or area to treat different physical conditions from migraines to sore muscles or joints. It can help anything heal.

Essentially, when I call myself a healer, I do not imply that I am the one doing the fixing. I am merely a good conductor of energy. The client receiving the energy heals himself/herself with my help.

Which specific healing modality do I use?

We get asked this one all the time.

I’ll start by saying I am a certified Chios Master Teacher, I have a level 1 certification in Reiki. I have read books on: Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch, and other forms of healing.

To me, energy healing is primarily about intention, intuition, meditation (raising your vibratory rate), visualization and the ability to effectively channel energy.

I choose to not limit myself to theories and techniques that other people decided should be used in energy healing. I can treat someone strictly with Reiki or Chios, but to me that would contradict the whole intuitiveness that I feel is a very important part in the process. I love taking workshops and courses and reading about all kinds of healing modalities. It has been very inspirational for me. The more I learn, the more ideas I get about which kinds of disorders I could treat, different techniques to try, other forms of energy I can incorporate in my treatments like sound, using crystals, etc.

I guess you could call it “freestyle” healing

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