A Little Relaxation Tip and Exercise In Mindfullness

Since part two of my autobiographical blog post: How Energy Healing Found Me isn’t quite ready yet, I’ll share a quick visualization I use to help me in times of stress. You don’t need to know about meditation, grounding, chakras, and all that. However, you’ll still be doing/using all of them.

Let’s assume the stress is of an external nature like an ongoing disagreement with family or friend, or some issue at work.

First I assess my immediate physical environment:

– Am I physically comfortable? Am I sitting or standing in a comfortable position? Is there pain coming from any part of my body?

I ensure I am comfortable and in no pain. If some of you are in constant pain, maybe skip this question or substitute it with : ‘Is there unusually intense pain…’. Am I in good health? (…that I know of…) All seems good.


– Am I in physical danger?

Is someone or something actively trying to kill me? Is the building about to come down and crush me as I’m sitting comfortably? (Insert your favourite ‘Final Destination’-type scenario here) …so far it’s been no.


 – Can I survive OK for the foreseeable future?

Do I have food, water, a place to stay, a roof over my head, etc… So far so good.


– Do I have friends and family who love me (and like me)?




Then I just visualize myself floating in this painless, loving comfort (hmm, …visualization…, sounds like a future topic). Take as long as you can or need. You can picture yourself in a kiddie pool, a transparent bubble, or even a ‘comfort-insulated’ space suit. The longer you stay here, the better it is for you. If you want you can carry that around with you (in the bubble or space suit) and refer your consciousness to it occasionally, while doing other things. Going back to this visualization often will have an cbd products of ‘diluting’ stress.

Try it. It might be a bigger help to cope with your stress than you would think.



3 thoughts on “A Little Relaxation Tip and Exercise In Mindfullness

  1. Krista

    Enjoying the blog so far Jean! Look forward to reading more….and part two of how energy healing found you, or you found it in you all along : ) Cheers Krista

  2. maryssa

    This is pretty sweet!!!!
    Interesting stuff you got going there.
    Read it to Damien tonight just for fun and now he keeps saying that pepere has supper powers 😀


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