Monthly Archives: March 2016

I never really go away…

I tend to do that once in a while.

I commit to writing about myself or something healing related and I plan on doing it at least weekly to try to keep things going, keep people interested, because it’s also good for me to do it. It works for a short while then I slip. Then, because I have slipped, I tell myself: “Well, you kinda dropped the ball here. You can’t come back a write some half-assed stuff for the people who usually enjoy reading you, you better make sure it’s good. They at least deserve that for waiting so long for you to get your ass in gear again…” Then I wait longer. …because it never gets good enough…


No sir/madam. I’m writing something I feel may be half-assed, but that’s ok because that’s just be my ego playing games with me so screw you ego, you’re not winning this one! This doesn’t need to be perfect. I’m not a writer; I’m just a guy who writes once in a while.

It also helps that some wonderful people occasionally nudge me to keep going (thanks Sylvie L), just like I was ‘nudged’ to start this in the first place (thanks again PM, MO and others…). I very, very much appreciate the support.

So I can get kinda ‘quiet’ once in a while. I have a full time job and I tend to need a lot of ‘me time’. I’m not one to always need to have a full schedule. I need time to recharge. Depending on the year/season/planetary alignment/whatever I get periods of time that I’m not very busy for energy healing treatments. But that’s ok. I’m still doing energy work on myself, on family, on personal healing related self-development projects, other general planetary/humanity healing ‘projects’,  etc. Energetically, I sometimes feel very busy.

That being said, there’s always that regularly occurring, often public healing-type event (by public, I mean outside my own head, involving other people) that hauls me back in as if someone or something is telling me: “You’re still doing this for others, Jean!!! You’re doing this publicly!!!” …which, I’m totally fine with. Actually, still to this day, I’m extremely thankful for the ability to help others in this way. I can’t put in to words how it makes me feel…

That latest event happened when we were on holiday in Cuba a few weeks ago. A close and much loved family member had developed a non-life-threatening but probably painful and surely annoying health issue. She had shared this with us just before having dinner in an on-resort, à la carte restaurant. It was Sunday so the doctor was not there, he/she would only be there next day, so she planned on visiting him/her the next day, Monday. Doesn’t matter, for at least 12 hours or so, she would be in pain or very uncomfortable. Dany asked her if she would like me to perform a treatment on her. She replied maybe she would, she would let us know. (She had already had treatments from me in the past).

During dinner, I decided to do a ‘covert’ distance treatment on her, at least to relieve some of the discomfort.

Now. I know we’re hitting a nerve with some energy healing type people. I need to explain… or better yet, I’ll make it a future blog post because it may be a bit long. Stay tuned for why I don’t require explicit permission from people to perform healing treatments. …this will be a risky one but I’m convinced this is the correct approach for me…

The next morning, Dany and I were relaxing at the beach like most other days. Much-loved family member arrives and says to me: “Did you do something??!!”

I said something like: “What?” (verbally, I’m not always very smooth. …even non-verbally…) After a while, I realized what she/they meant and said something like: “…maybe”.

Then she said her health issue from the day before was completely gone. This certain issue was expected to be around for at least a few days, hence the doctor appointment and possibly antibiotics.

I was floored, once again. I regularly get floored by feedback for these treatments. Maybe it’s because I was such a sceptic at first. The scepticism is probably still there a bit. At the time, I told myself to not jump too high, it might flare up again next day. Nope, the health issue was gone.

I’m back.

(but really, I never left… again)